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Download our studio policy pdf file or open the text below to read about contract terms, tuition fees, and virtual lessons.

Geib Musik Tuition Fees

Scheduling and Tuition

Lessons will be scheduled through the online calendar. If a lesson time is unavailable or does not fit your family schedule please contact your teacher for possible options.

In the case that your login fails please try the “forgot your password” link, if that does not work email your teacher.

Tuition rates for Dr. Geib and Mrs. Geib:

$60 for occasional lessons

$180 for discounted weekly hour lessons

$140 for weekly half-hour lessons (half-hour for 12 years & younger or special approval)

No extra charges are assessed for participating in Geib Musik Recitals. 

Payment can be made by cash, credit card (through PayPal), or by check made to Geib Musik. 

(Starting Fall 2022 a 4% convenience fee will be added to PayPal payments)

By registering through the Geib Musik website and My Music Staff you are agreeing to the contract terms to the right, your email address will serve as your signature.

Geib Musik Contract Terms


By signing up through Geib Musik’s online system and booking lessons through the online calendar you are agreeing to the following terms:


It is expressly understood that the Student retains the services of the Tutor as an independent contractor and not as an employee. The Tutor shall be responsible for his/her insurance and for all statutory declarations and contributions with regard to income tax.


This tutoring contract may be terminated by either party at any time by giving the other party (14) fourteen days prior written notice.


No relaxation, indulgence, waiver or release by any party of any of the rights in terms of this agreement on one occasion shall prevent the subsequent enforcement of such rights and shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of any of the terms.


The Tutor makes no promises or warranties with regards to a Student's performance as a result of any tutoring provided.


This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with regard to the subject matter thereof and the parties waive the right to rely on any alleged expressed or implied provision not contained herein. Any alteration to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.


Where the Student is a legal minor, the Parent/Guardian shall enter into this tutoring contract on behalf of the Student and shall accept and agree to all the terms and conditions contained herein on behalf of the Student.


Fees are calculated according to the times stipulated in the schedule and no adjustment shall be made for time lost because of late arrival by the Student. Any lost time because of the late arrival of the Tutor shall be compensated for by extending a lesson by mutual agreement and by such amount of time that was lost.


The Student may cancel a lesson by giving at least 24 hours prior notice to the Tutor, in which case a make-up credit will be issued.


The Tutor may cancel a lesson by giving 24 hours prior notice to the Student, in which case a make-up credit will be issued.


Each Tutor will reserve 1-2 days per month for make-up lessons, any student with make-up credits will be able to reserve a lesson time through the online calendar. If a make-up lesson is missed it is up to the Tutor’s discretion whether to issue a make-up lesson.


Geib Musik instructors will occasionally take videos or photos to support educational outcomes or promote the studio on the website or via social media. If you do not want your image/video or that of your minor student shared please inform us in writing that you do not consent.

Virtual Code of Conduct

With the regular and now accepted use of virtual education methods, Geib Musik would like to set forth some guidelines for students who choose to take virtual lessons, either on a regular or occasional basis.

Virtual lessons are a great tool that can help students when in-person lesson options are unavailable due to scheduling or weather interruptions.

To hold an effective virtual lesson the following conditions must met: 

How Lesson Package Discounts Work

Traditional music lessons are paid per lesson, meaning if you meet weekly with your teacher you pay for each individual lesson. Many teachers charge by month, meaning if there are 4 lessons scheduled you pay the total for those lessons. Some months have 5 weeks, so you would pay more for that month making budgeting more difficult. This can lead to issues for a family budget, which might promote lesson cancellation to balance the family budget, but that also affects the music teacher’s budget. It creates gaps in scheduling that cannot be reused due to the specialty of music lessons.

To challenge the frustration of budgeting, Geib Musik charges tuition by month, but offers discounts for more regular lessons. Full price hour lessons are $60.

Here is an example of a typical 4 week month for cello lessons:

Where the Geib Musik discount schedule helps the most are in 5 week months.

Regular attendance for music lessons builds discipline in the pursuit of these nuanced skills. Hopefully members of our studio recognize we offer this discount to benefit families. By providing more regular lessons with predictable tuition, we hope to help students meet their goals. 

Yes, we could make bigger profits billing in the more traditional per lesson way, but we care more about the journey. Our promise is that when you are billed at the discounted tuition you will receive a minimum of 3 lessons for that billing cycle, should extra lessons be requested we are willing to teach up to 5 lessons in a billing cycle as the weeks and schedules allow.

Because this billing structure helps both the music teacher and the family budget in a healthier way payment is expected in full at the beginning of each month to reserve the lesson time.

Where Is Geib Musik?

3500 S Boulevard, Building C, Edmond, OK
(Enter the main building door, just to the right of the grey mailbox, you'll see our sign straight ahead!)

Geib Musik Studio Policy

Up-to-date as of May 1, 2023